Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mint 9 X11 Problem

As mentioned in my "A Blogs Beginning" post I stated that I was going to talk about the 3D acceleration issue I had. So time to explain.

When I first started with Linux Mint 9 Isadora as a live CD, it was great. I used it for a few days and was quite impressed. About 4-5 days later I thought it was time to partition my Hard-Drive and give it a full go. In my mind it should be simple, or so I thought. When the instillation was complete, I went on to boot from the Hard-Disk and get started. For some reason I was given an error that X11-xorg was having trouble and could not start correctly. So I tried a few things.

When I went to go check on the xorg.conf file in "/etc/X11/" it came as a surprise that there was no conf file. When I did some looking online it turns out what some people had said that by default Mint 9 doesn't generate an xorg file. Although people went on to point out that the GUI works just fine without it.

So I tried generating an xorg.conf file the usual way with the "Xorg -configure" command as root "#". An for some reason that still didn't fix my issue. So I thought about it for a while. I preceded to load up the Live CD of Mint 9 again. Once it was loaded I opened up a command terminal. I changed to root and generated an Xorg.conf file. It is stored in the home folder. (If my memory serves me right) I then copied the newly created file to "my" hard-drive under the "/etc/X11/" directory and gave booting into my installation another go.

An would you know it, I was finally able to successfully launch X11 and access the Gnome interface. Considering that the Live CD supports Nvidia and ATI already. However I didn't take a look at the differences between the two config files. I already replace the old xorg and didn't compare the two. Once that was fixed, I went about getting the Full 3D acceleration driver installed. I don't know what the issue was but so far that is the "ONLY" issue I have had and experienced with Mint 9 Isadora at this point.

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