Thursday, October 14, 2010

Go all Linux or go home!

Let me start out by saying that the "title" of this post is not my viewpoint on what Operating System to use. Rather it's focusing on others who say such a thing. So I thought I would give my 2 cents on this topic. Keep in mind I'm not pointing fingers but just my opinion on the matter.

When it comes to choosing between an Open Source OS or a proprietary OS such as "Windows", at this point in time you can't have just one. People will find that there are a number of tasks you can do on Linux extremely well and same goes with Windows. As far as I see it you should live in the best of both worlds.

Trying to preform things you are most accustomed to on Windows in Linux, won't always be an easy alternative. A prime example is the latest releases for hardcore gamers. Games that use DirectX 10 and soon to be 11, will have a difficult time running in Linux. Now that is if there is no "native" version available for that game, or solid support for Windows API applications such as Wine or Cedega for instance. This will always be a problem. Although some companies are wanting to climb aboard the Linux bandwagon. Such as "BioWare", "EPIC Games" and "id Software" provide native Linux clients for some of their games.

For me I will always see myself using both the Linux and Windows environments for the time being. That could change in the near future. But again supporting Linux is not on a lot of developers minds considering the Windows still makes up over 90% of the current platform market.

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